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Here at Homeowners Consult our main priority is to save you time and money. Our services are free for our customers. We understand that going through the process of finding the best highly-qualified real estate professionals can be a daunting task. Our goal is to alleviate that task by doing all of the legwork for you by finding the best qualified real estate professionals that will meet your specific real estate needs.

We are able to find the best highly-qualified real estate professionals through our extensive real estate network. Once we understand the goals you are trying to accomplish; we will find the best highly-qualified professionals in your area and have them reach out to you directly. Not only will we address the questions that might be concerning you, but we will also connect you with reputable businesses that can further assist you.


We are an online “hub” for all Real Estate Professionals and Homeowners alike, to be a part of. As a future or current homeowner, you can sign up for our Free website and be a part of our growing organization. We have many tools that are free to use at your fingertips. Our eNewsletter is full of important and useful tips for future and current homeowners. Get Connected!

We are a free one-stop shop for all of your real estate needs! Let us find the best professionals that are local to you. Follow our articles with tips to make sure you don't pay more than you should for all of your Real Estate Services!

    About Me

My name is Peter Demopoulos and I am the Founder of Homeowners Consult.

My background is Mortgage Lending. I have 5+ years of experience in Real Estate as a Mortgage Loan Officer. I was a top producer closing sometimes 20+ loans per month. I have worked for many of the largest banks and lenders in the country and have grown substantially within these companies with many additional responsibilities and special training programs.

By working with so many clients I realized that there was a huge deficit in the information that has been made available to future and current Homeowners. I would get a lot of the same questions from Homeowners and I wasn't able to find a resource online to direct this educational information to. This is what caused me to quit my job and start creating a resource for Homeowners to go to for all of their Real Estate related questions. This way Homeowners can ask their questions to an unbiased opinion before they go to their current bank or lender.

My goal is to provide a one-stop shop for all of your Real Estate needs to alleviate the work of searching endlessly online for information that many times is inaccurate. The sources that we implement on Homeowners Consult are some of the top sources for Real Estate knowledge in the United States. We are members with many of the largest communities to provide real-time information and answers for all of your toughest real estate questions. We are also 100% free for all future and current homeowners. We feel that this information should be made available to you without cost.

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