5 Quirks of Older Homes

5 Quirks of Shopping for an Older Home

Now that you’re house hunting, you might be looking at a mix of both old and new houses that are up for sale in your market. There are perks to purchasing both older and newer homes; for example, when you purchase a new home, it will likely be be move-in ready. Brand new homes can come with many trendy upgrades, such as granite counter-tops and stainless steel appliances. If you’re looking for a home with a modern feel and all of the hard work done for you, consider purchasing newer construction.

When you’re thinking of buying an older home, you might come across interesting architecture and intricate details in woodwork, staircases, and even doorknobs. Many people consider the quirks of old homes to be charming and having character. However, it’s really subjective to personal taste. If you find older homes intriguing, these interesting quirks from homes of the past just might tickle your fancy.


1.  Old Home Quirks: Timeless Architecture

This might be more of a perk than a quirk. Architecture in older homes can be quite stunning. This isn’t to say that modern architecture can’t be appreciated; there are plenty of new homes that are absolutely beautiful. However, there is something nostalgic and intriguing about architecture in old homes.

Take an old Victorian for example. Victorian homes have irregular shaped roofs, textured shingles and large porches. Old Victorian homes sometimes had hand-carved shingles, as well as hard-carved staircase railings and door frames. Today’s Victorians have similar features, but they are mostly mass-produced. If you are looking to put hand carved shingles on a modern home, it will likely cost a lot of money. The beauty of buying an older home is that the handmade element comes original to the home.

2.  Old Home Quirks: Original (and Creaky) Hardwood Floors

Hardwood floors are quite popular today, and many homeowners pay extra to have new hardwood floors installed in their home. However, many older homes already have original hardwood floors. If you’re buying an older home and it’s carpeted, you might unveil some beautiful wood right beneath your feet. It might not be perfect, and you can always refinish it if it bothers you.

3.  Old Home Quirks: A Little Bit of Closet Space

Closets of older homes tend to be a bit on the smaller side, especially in comparison to the large walk-in closets of today. However, there are always additional ways to store your clothes if your old home’s closet doesn’t quite cut it. Some people convert smaller rooms or attics into closets, or you can simply take advantage of your dresser space.

4.  Old Home Quirks: Plug It In

When you live in an old house, you might run into electrical outlet problems. If your outlets are old, they may not be able to accommodate the three-prong plugs that are popular in today’s electronics. You can easily fix this with an adapter or extension cord.

5.  Old Home Quirks: Antique Vent Covers

If the vent covers have never been replaced in your home, you may be left with some antiques. Antique vent covers are usually decorative, heavy and appropriate for the time period of your house. They can add an interesting touch to your home décor.

When you are shopping for an old house, expect the unexpected. You are sure to find charm, detailed architecture and small quirks around every corner. Owning an older house has it’s benefits and detriments. Overall, owning a piece of history can be very rewarding.


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