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Show support for your community by donating towards the many local causes that Habitat for Humanity is involved with!

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Starting a new Home Project?  Make sure nothing is hidden beneath the surface first.

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Home Builders:

NAHB       Dallas Builders Association




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Title Insurance:

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Department of Housing and Urban Developement:

List of HUD Approved Counseling Agency’s:

Search through lists of Foreclosed Homes:

Want to see if Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac holds your mortgage?

Fannie Mae Loan Lookup (HARP)

Freddie Mac Loan Lookup (HARP)

Have a dispute with your Credit Report? Here are the three Credit Reporting Agency’s:



As we like to say here at HC:   Ask. Learn. Save.

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Homeowners Consult, Housing Consultants & Referral Service, Irving, TX